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Faa medical disqualifying conditions

Aviation Medical Exam: Disqualifying Medical Conditions. Apr 08, 2020 . Below is a list of medical conditions that the FAA has labeled as disqualifying medical conditions..

Irregular heart beats (arrhythmia), murmurs, and many other cardiovascular conditions can also stop the FAA medical show unnecessarily. Remember it is very important to have all essential medical records at the time of an FAA medical exam.The FAA will assume your condition is the worst possible case until they have documentation to show otherwise. During the medical evaluation, you will get a full health examination including vision test, hearing test, heart functioning, blood/urine samples, and a general health exam. What medical conditions does the FAA consider disqualifying? Bipolar Disorder. Coronary artery disease that has required treatment or is symptomatic.


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It is caused by the same virus that causes cold sores. There is a common oral anti-viral medication that can be used to abort the condition when there is a flare-up and to prevent the sores from occurring once the disease is diagnosed. The virus in this condition resides in the nerve cells and under certain conditions can contribute to the.

Disqualifying Conditions Eligibility Requirements Applying For A Disqualifying Conditions / Eligibility Requirements / Applying for a .... At that time, if the disposition does not result in a conviction or withhold of adjudication on a disqualifying crime, the suspension will be lifted and the processing of your application will continue.

The Airman Medical Standards and Certification Procedures, FAR Part 67, is a maze of medical and legal language that is, in some respects, clear and concise, in others, general and vague..

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